Time to move on

After a couple years of publishing posts here I have decided to move on to the more flexible blogging platform. frogermcs.github.io was originally created as a content-first project. The idea behind it was to setup website as fast as possible, with almost zero configuration - no HTML/CSS, no server nor domain setup. And Jekyll + Github Pages combination was the best option for it - the platform was ready to publish literally in an hour. Now I’m moving on to something a bit more complex but with much bigger flexibility. Also something even more personal. My new website will still be mostly focused on coding. But over the time I have developed a couple more areas of interest (AI, leadership, self-development) which in sum with coding will lead to something much bigger. Let’s call it “building solutions with love {❤️}”. At the end, the things we code are designed to serve people - to unlock possibilities, inspire, make something better. I hope, the experience I share will help with that.

I invite you to my new home: https://mirekstanek.online. I hope you’ll find there something interesting for you!


Miroslaw Stanek
Head of Mobile Development @ Azimo Money Transfer

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Written on January 2, 2018